Close-Up Photography Basics

Na webu nabízí řada autorů svoje pojetí close-up fotografie. Na některé z nich v tomto weblogu upozorním - s uvedením webové adresy. Zde je adresa jednoho z mnoha článků týkajících se základů close-up.
Zajímavý článek, který mnoho napoví. Jenom si, že:
"This type of photography, also referred to as macro or micro photography...". Stále více fotografů se přiklání k pojetí close-up fotografie jako samostatnoé oblasti fotografie.
Zdůraznění přínosu close-up fotografie najdete v závěru článku. Zde je citát:
"Like other areas of photography, it is possible to endlessly expand your options and expertise with close-up photography. These advanced techniques are beyond the scope of this article, but one example would be achieving a magnification rate beyond 1:1, so the size of the image on film is greater than the actual size of the subject. This requires specialized macro equipment. This equipment is more difficult to use and, therefore, sometimes best suited for use in a controlled studio environment. Just be aware there is always more to learn and more options to explore as you develop your basic skills.
Close-up photography directs you to new types of subject matter. The subject possibilities are endless and usually easy to discover wherever you are. You don’t need mountains, waterfalls, desert landscapes, or city skylines. For example, common subjects include flowers, bugs, leaves, and textured or patterned surfaces. With close-up photography, small and intricate features that are indistinguishable from a distance are displayed with vivid detail. The shallow depth-of-field allows for interesting compositions. Because of factors like these, an ordinary outing, when combined with your awareness, creativity, and photographic skills, can result in dramatic close-up photographs.
Close-up photography provides a great opportunity for photographers to utilize their photography skills and knowledge to produce beautiful and interesting images of subjects that are often very near their own home. Take some time to explore this realm of photography."